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"Neon Genesis Evangelion"

(The Story does contain Spoilers!)

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Naoko Akagi designed and built the supercomputer system called MAGI, which consisted of artificial organic brains supplemented by electronic circuitry. MAGI was a triple system composed of three separate processors named after the Eastern wise men from the New Testament: Balthasar, Melchior and Casper. The core programming of each processor was a separate replicated portion of the older Dr. Akagi's own personality: her own thinking was replicated as mother, scientist, and woman.

At some point, Gendou Ikari began taking care of a strange, quiet little girl he called Rei Ayanami, claiming she was an acquaintance's daughter whom he was acting as guardian.

Rei looked exactly like a child version of Yui Ikari except that Rei was a white-haired albino, where Yui had been dark-haired. One night, Rei wandered into Central Dogma (the NERV headquarters) when Naoko Akagi was there alone. Rei dispassionately called Naoko a hag. When Naoko said it was rude to say things like that, Rei responded that she was just repeating what Gendou called her, "a tiresome, useless hag." Naoko, stung and infuriated, and seeing Yui in Rei, strangled the child, saying that "You are worthless, because you are replaceable... just like me." She then jumped to her own death. The events were completely covered up even within NERV; almost nobody knew of Rei's strangulation or the reason for Dr. Akagi's suicide.

For some reason, it was determined that only certain children born after the Second Impact could pilot Evangelions, supposedly identified as such in a report by the "Marduk Institute," an institution which later in the series is revealed to be a nonexistent front for NERV itself. Why these children were the only possible pilots is never really explained in the series. Three children were identified at the outset to the general staff of NERV as being designated pilots by the Marduk Report: Rei Ayami (who was alive despite her apparent strangulation), Shinji Ikari (son of Gendou and Yui Ikari), and Asuka Langley (a Japanese-American who was raised in Germany by a German stepmother). Only Rei was on hand before the attack of the Third Angel.

In a testing accident in 2015, Rei's Evangelion went berserk and attacked the control booth holding the command staff. Ritsuko privately concluded that it was trying to kill her (which later-revealed events suggest was probably due to a subconscious hostility by Rei, or possibly the Evangelion itself, against Ritsuko for being Gendou's lover). Rei was ejected, being badly injured, and in a surprisingly intense display of concern, Gendou burned his hands severely in rescuing her from her ejected entry plug. Rei kept and apparently treasured Gendou's eyeglasses, which were broken in Rei's rescue.

By 2015 Ritsuko had taken her mother's place as chief technical engineer for NERV (and, probably, as Gendou's lover); Misato had long since broken up with Kaji, and had become NERV's chief tactical officer. The predicted appearance of the Third Angel and the arrival of Shinji Ikari in Tokyo-3 ended the "back story" and started the events that were depicted throughout the television series.

Upon arriving in Tokyo-3 during the Third Angel's attack, Shinji glimpsed a figure identical to Rei, who was then unknown to him, standing in the street outside the train station. This figure was uninjured, though at this time the "actual" Rei was still suffering from serious damage from her earlier accident. Shinji was taken down to the GeoFront and was instrumental in defeating the Third Angel.

Throughout, the children are assaulted by all seventeen Angels, no two of which were remotely similar to the other except for their unanimous ability to generate an "AT (Absolute Terror) Field," a defensive shield making each all but invulnerable to any conventional weapon. AT Fields could apparently only be breached by another AT Field (such as that generated by an Evangelion), incredibly powerful energy weapons, or the Longinus Spear ("Longinus' Lance"), a huge metal spear of unknown origin in NERV's possession.

When Kaji and Asuka join with the Tokyo-3 team, Kaji brings with him a suitcase containing an embryonic entity he identified as Adam, apparently the living remains of the entity that had been found in Antarctica. Adam was purportedly scavenged and frozen by NERV and used as a genetic donor from which the Evangelions were engineered.

Adam was apparently installed in the Terminal Dogma, a vault at the bottom of the underground NERV headquarters, and the most heavily guarded point on Earth. One is lead to believe that Adam was unfrozen and allowed to regenerate in this spot, quickly growing into a giant, leg less white humanoid with seven eyes, which NERV immobilized by crucifying in the Terminal Dogma. This is an unclear point; this giant may not have been Adam after all. At a certain point in Adam's development Rei Ayanami was ordered by Gendou to impale Adam through the breast with the Longinus Spear, which may have halted its further regeneration but which did not apparently kill it.

Asuka Langley, the Second Child of the fictitious Marduk Report, was a brash, egotistical and somewhat nasty adolescent. A child prodigy, at fourteen she had graduated from college and had mastered several languages. Her synchronization rate, the measure of a pilot's ability to coordinate an Evangelion, was the highest of the three initial Children. Unfortunately, Shinji appeared to have a greater natural aptitude and quickly closed the gap between them. Shinji eventually surpassed Asuka, who couldn't handle being second-best very well. The situation deteriorated when Rei saved Asuka's life, putting Asuka into third place in her own mind. Asuka went into an emotional tailspin, attempting to dominate her Evangelion instead of merge with it, and her synchronization rate--and mental state--became progressively worse.

Ritsuko developed and installed a "dummy plug" system of artificial pilots for the Evangelions. The specifics of the system were not originally revealed, but the dummy plugs were described as soulless thinking machines duplicating Rei Ayanami's signal to an Evangelion. However, unlike Rei, the dummy plugs had no soul, according to Ritsuko.

The Longinus Spear was removed from the breast of "Adam" by Rei in order to kill the Fifteenth Angel, which attacked from orbit outside of any other weapon's range. Rei's Evangelion hurled it, javelin-like, into orbit. The Spear destroyed the Angel but could not be retrieved from orbit. The Fifteenth Angel, which attacked by some sort of long-range telepathic assault that manifested as a brilliant golden light and a deafening, imaginary chorus of Handel's "Messiah," had destroyed the last vestiges of Asuka's ability to synchronize with her Evangelion. Asuka was removed as an Evangelion pilot and promptly suffered a nervous breakdown.

The Sixteenth Angel, which appeared as a giant circle made from a double helix (resembling a viral gene's DNA, and also resembling a halo), attacked Rei's Evangelion and integrated itself into the Evangelions biological parts. Rei was ordered to eject, but for what was apparently the first time in her life disobeyed an order, so that she could detonate her AT field and destroy the Angel. Her shattered entry plug was salvaged and its contents whisked away. Miraculously, Rei appeared again, heavily bandaged but alive, with gaps in her memories of events.

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