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Misato Katsuragi

(Music - Fly me to the Moon)

Misato Katsuragi is the only survivor of the infamous "Katsuragi Expedition" and Second Impact. The expedition was organized and led by her father, Dr. Katsuragi to search for Adam, as written in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Dr. Katsuragi only cared about his experiments and paid little to no attention to his family. Misato's mother was always very sad and Misato hated her father, very much, because of   his treatment toward her and her mother. When the Second Impact occurred, her father sacrificed himself in order to save her from death. Even though she never loved her father, she dedicated her life to destroying the angels who took him from her (the cross pendant around her neck being her only keepsake of him)

Misato knows the truth behind what really happened in Antarctica in the year 2000, and this left her in a catatonic state for five years. An emotional shut-in, Misato refused to let others into her life while relying heavily on drinking and her revenge on the Angels to get her though life. She was as scarred outside (from the Second Impact) as she was inside (after losing her father).

After coping with the above events she starts college and befriends Akagi Ritsuko and Kaji Ryouji. She later falls in love with Kaji because he reminded her so much of her father. In Kaji, she found the warmth that her father never gave. When she found her father's shadow in Kaji, she runs away, breaks up with him, even though she was a very happy and so much in love. This internal conflict Misato can not overcome.

Nine years after the Second Impact, she becomes the first female section Chief of military operations, bureau for the tactical military operations, department of NERV.  The NERV officer (Major) in charge of EVA operations and the EVA pilots. She is remarkably competent in her duties. Misato always places the safety of her pilots above the Evangelions. As a result, the pilots are very loyal to her and trust her judgement.  In all battle situations she remains calm, following what she knows in her mind.

Misato carries a handgun constantly and has clearly indicated that she is willing and able to use it. (Fortunately most of the people she's pointed it at tend to be her friends or colleagues.) NERV trained her in hand-to-hand combat. Indications are she's stronger than her size and she could probably break a limb or two. She has guts enough for a small army. She is very intelligent and resourceful. She is tenacious, when she latches onto a challenge She will either complete the task or die in the attempt.

Misato is a beautiful, optimistic and cheerful woman, with a figure that is athletically trim. She can be coarse, child-like, and very lazy. The only thing that scars this beauty is the large scar across her chest (from the Second Impact). Her current lifestyle of extreme stress and high alcohol consumption are likely to make her old before her time.

Misato excels in her ability to manage NERV operations, although she doesn't handle her personal life with the same finesse. When she returns home from work, she lets herself go, revealing the carefree side of her personality. She loves to drink beer in excess and eat instant noodles (RAMA), mixing in a lot of curry. Misato's apartment is a mess, the refrigerator is filled with beer, and the cupboards are packed with instant food. She's not much of a cook either, being the only person that can screw up an instant meal. Garbage accumulates, along with dirty dishes, dirty laundry, empty beer cans, etc.

Misato is very much alone in the world. (Like many of the characters in Evangelion, her past is laced with tragedy and riffled with the dysfunction's springing forth from them.) Her only company at home is Pen-Pen, a hot spring penguin. He takes up residence in the refrigerator. She is desperately lonely and will latch onto any source of attention, romantic or otherwise.

Shinji arrives at NERV, Misato instantly volunteers to be the guardian of Shinji, and have Him stay with her. She becomes intensely devoted to Shinji and looks out for his well-being as an older sister would. Misato provides Shinji with a home and companionship. As Gendo and Shinji's father-son relationship deteriorates, Misato and Shinji take on the role of surrogate family members.

Misato, later becomes the guardian of both Shinji and Asuka when Asuka moves in (and Asuka remains the disgruntled houseguest). While living with Shinji, and Asuka she has learned how to open her heart to others, and she eventually gives up beer.

Apparently she has put the past behind her, or did she?

When Kaji returns and is employed by NERV, it becomes clear that all of her past indulgences merely served as tranquilizers for her pain. The return of Kaji simply resurfaced what she was desperately trying to forget. She now begins the quest to find the ultimate truth behind NERV and SEELE.

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